Vetricone is a high end, single estate organic olive oil brand. The olives from which it is made are grown and milled in the Italian region of Umbria. It has a unique peppery taste that is owed to the limestone rich soil on which the grove is situated. The delicate taste is not the only thing that makes the oil special, however. The harvest and maintenance of the olive grove is a community effort, with friends and neighbours of the proprietors generously giving up their time to help.

The deliverables of this project are to design a brand identity, website and packaging for Vetricone. The outcome must capture both the luxury nature of the olive oil and the traditional, genuine way in which it is produced. Packaging must be designed for the three different products in Vetricone’s range: plain, infused with chilli and infused with lemon.

Chosen Route

Because it is the community spirit that makes Vetricone so distinctive, it felt natural to direct the focus of the identity on them and their lives. Photography seemed an obvious medium in which to represent these people best on the packaging. It also seemed to me the most effective way of capturing the Italian spirit. I decided to go there and take photographs of the people involved going about their daily lives in an attempt to begin to tell their stories. Each of the three tins features a different person on the front and a short story about them and their involvement with the olive oil on the back.