The Brief

Whilst some brands are beginning to embrace people who identify with a variety of genders and/or refuse to be typecast, the beauty industry is lagging behind. The exact same products are needlessly cased in different packaging that is separately marketed towards men and women. There is no need for basic products to come in pretty, delicate floral packaging for women and mechanical, powerful looking packaging for men. In light of this, the aim of this project is to create a cosmetics brand that will disregard out-dated stereotypes and cater to the needs of a shrewd modern consumer. The deliverables for this project are a name and brand identity for a new range of cosmetic products along with packaging design for items in the range.

Chosen Route

The option to alter one’s appearance in order to appear more fresh faced is one that should be open to all. Everyone gets spots and eye bags and may feel a bit washed out occasionally. LOOK is a brand that offers simple light makeup and skincare solutions to these problems in a way that is inclusive and accessible. It is targeted at people of all genders and walks of life. This is reflected in the branding which incorporates photographs of a range of different people, who all share the same basic skincare needs.

The brand dismisses the often cryptic marketing terminology that is used in the cosmetics category. LOOK communicates clearly what the product is for and why anyone can use it, via the use of visual and written language that is distinct and relatable. Each product carries a blunt description of what it does with no additional information that may confuse the reader. A monochrome palette has been applied in order to avoid any visuals that may be associated with a particular gender. This is in order for the product to reach the widest audience possible.