Get Linked London is a start-up company who organize networking events for creatives from all aspects of the industry. They approached me with a request to create a brand strategy and design an identity in advance of their first event in October 2016. The brand values that the client wanted to communicate were those of sociability, motivation, empowerment, creativity and happiness. They also wanted the brand to hint at musicality, as each event features live performances from musicians, making it an important aspect of the brand.


The deliverables were a brand identity and guidelines. I was also asked to design some promotional material for their social media outlets, along with providing photographic and filming services at their first event. An important aspect of the logo design was that the word ‘London’ was designed so that it could be substituted for the names of other locations as the company expanded to different cities around the UK.

Chosen Route

To make it appropriate for use across multiple media, I wanted to create a logo that combined typography and iconography. It was important, however that the icon was strong enough that it could be displayed without the accompanying text when being used as a watermark for photographs, or other instances where a simple mark was better suited.

The icon that I designed was inspired by a series of photographs of a bowl of water that was placed on top of a speaker, which was then turned on to emit sound at a variety of pitches. When a strobe light was shone onto the water, it was evident that each pitch created a different pattern in the water. A graphic interpretation of this felt appropriate as the brief called for the logo to have a musical element, and the client had specified to me that he preferred abstract imagery to that which is figurative. It was important also that the logo was infused with energy and communicated sociability and connectivity, which the circular shape of the image conveys well.