The aim of this project is to encourage the public to befriend an older person who might be suffering from loneliness and isolation. Over 5 million people are affected by this problem as their partners might have died or they live far away from friends and family. Connecting with an older person by going over once a week for a chat and a cup of tea can change their lives dramatically.

Chosen Route

Many charities adopt a ‘safe’ approach to their branding, often becoming more concerned with avoiding making losses as opposed to increasing success. This leads to many charities mimicking one another and having little individuality. Another problem, in particular with regards to campaigns for older people, is their negative tone. This distances viewers from people who might need their help, creating a feeling of “us and them”. The objective of this project is to challenge these stereotypes, by implementing a refreshing approach to solving the issue of loneliness in older people.

This project uses positivity and light humour to highlight one of the best things about older people; the amazing stories that they can share with us. The resultant campaign for Age UK consists of a series of posters, showing older people recalling their playful memories and remarkable achievements. I used bright colours to represent the inner youth of these people, as well as to attract a broad audience to join the befriending scheme. 


FINAL final intro poster.jpg